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Glynn Technologies, A Division of Glynn Interactive, Inc.2007 Small Business Leader Winner
layout spacerWe listen to our customers with focus groups, and usability testing.Build it once: develop GUI/content, database design, and integration.And deliver it on time and on budget: both client and server side.Listen. Build. Deliver.layout spacer

Usability, Accessibility, Section 508 Experts

Our usability and design teams ensure our customers the best project from the start, with end user input and engaging design. By taking accessibility issues into consideration at the beginning of a project, Section 508 compliance is not an afterthought.

For web-based software applications, we make sites conform to both the software and web Section 508 accessibility standards, ensuring that functions can be executed from a keyboard and maintaining focus so that assistive technology can track focus and focus changes.

We make the identity, operation, and state of interface elements available to assistive technology. We design pages that respect user-selected display attributes, such as resizable text. We ensure that color is not used as the only means of conveying information.

For forms, we properly adjust the layout and add labels to allow users of assistive technology to access the information and complete the forms.

We provide text equivalents for non-text elements. We develop synchronized scripts for multimedia presentations. We design web pages so that information conveyed with color is also available without color. We organize documents so that they are readable without any style sheet or with style sheets brought to bear by the user.

We convert server-side image maps to the more accessible client-side image maps, providing sufficient cues in the tabbable regions so that users can make informed navigational choices.

We identify data tables (as opposed to tables used for layout) and add the proper row and column headers in order to facilitate navigation between cells. Where the tables are logically complex, we insert the necessary cell mark-up.

For sites that use frames, we title them properly to keep the user informed about location. We assess animations for flicker frequency and make necessary adjustments. In addition to adding necessary mark-up to graphical sites, we implement text-only device-independent versions of the pages that are updated when the regular pages are changed. These text versions provide the ultimate in access for a wide range of assistive technologies.

Where scripting languages, most commonly JavaScript, are used to display content, we ensure that the information is available to assistive technology. When page content is displayed using applets or plug-ins, we evaluate whether an accessible display method is available and whether the content, such as a Flash animation, is designed to work with that method. If it is not, we redesign animated page content to work with assistive technology. We evaluate and adjust timed responses to allow the user to request more time.

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