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Glynn Technologies, A Division of Glynn Interactive, Inc.2007 Small Business Leader Winner
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Print Materials

Medicare Guide to Rural Health Services Information

CMS tasked Glynn Technologies to design the Medicare Guide to Rural Health Services Information guide book in PDF, print and CD-ROM versions. The guide offers Medicare providers, suppliers, and physicians rural health information and resources in a single source. Some of the subjects covered in this book are Ambulance Services, Critical Access Hospital, Prescription Drug Plan and Telehealth. Given only three weeks to complete the project, Glynn designed a new cover and matching CD-ROM label, incorporated black and white photos to the inside pages and converted the entire book to a PDF format suited for web as well as print.

Download a PDF version
Rural Health Services cover

Fraud and Abuse Brochure

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) encourages continued training among health care professionals who treat those enrolled in the Medicare program. An area of concern for CMS is fraud and abuse within the Medicare program. CMS produced a Fraud and Abuse publication to draw attention to, and help prevent Medicare Fraud and Abuse. As part of this important effort to educate Medicare providers, CMS has produced the Medicare Fraud and Abuse brochure. This brochure ties in graphically with both the Fraud and Abuse publication and the CMS Fraud and Abuse Web-based Training.

Download a PDF version
Fraud and Abuse Brochure

CMS MLN Give-Aways

Glynn Technologies designed, developed content, and produced Marketing kits which included stacked slicks, additional brochures, a CD-ROM designed to replicate the contents of the Marketing Kit as well as provide links to CMS related websites which contains the most recent information. As part of the entire promotion of the CMS Medicare Learning Network website, Glynn produced a number of give-aways which highlighted and "branded" the Medicare Learning Network informational and educational site. These give-aways included MLN markers, an MLN puzzle, and a CMS "web wheel".

CMS MLN Give Aways

Guidance Tool Mailer

The Medicare Learning Network Guidance Tool is a CD-ROM provided by CMS' Medicare Learning Network (MLN). The tool provides easy to use features which streamline searching the MLN site for relevant and up-to-date links to national provider training and educational materials. A tutorial shows how to use the Guidance Tool to locate new links, refine searches, download and order educational materials. Additionally, the MLN Guidance Tool demonstrates how to easily navigate through the Medicare Learning Network web pages.

Usability Guidelines Book cover

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