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Glynn Technologies, A Division of Glynn Interactive, Inc.2007 Small Business Leader Winner
layout spacerWe listen to our customers with focus groups, and usability testing.Build it once: develop GUI/content, database design, and integration.And deliver it on time and on budget: both client and server side.Listen. Build. Deliver.layout spacer

Enterprise Portal Management

Improving Workplace Efficiencies for Users and Organizations

Portals allow for the extension of business operations to virtual points-of-access that are available to all users. Well-designed portals allow for users to customize the information they access and receive, the communities and work-groups they participate in, and the processes that comprise their job and responsibilities.

Your organization's ability to fully adopt portal technology is driven by several factors:

  • Architecture of the system, which impacts security, authentication, stability, robustness, scalability, and the ability to integrate other applications into the portal.
  • The portal application itself, which determines what functionality and features are available to users, and how well the application will work within the larger technical environment.
  • Design, meaning the usability of the system, its look and feel, navigability, the efficiency of workflow, discussions, document routing, calendering, and other features.
  • Planning, implementation and roll-out. Portal systems typically require planning and coordination among various stakeholders, and the continued involvement of partners implementation phases through to training and organizational acceptance.

Glynn Technologies' Enterprise Portal Management Process (EPMP)

Glynn's EPMP emphasizes usability, rigorous planning and review, technology, architecture, development, and stakeholder involvement. Led by an experienced project lead, Glynn portal implementation engagements result in success at each milestone, based on our experience in the technologies and ability to solve complex problems quickly.

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